Big Website Update

Today, we released a big update to our website. What have we changed? In short: The homepage got redesigned New services are available on our homepage The Agency/Team page got redesigned The Contact Page got an overhaul

What Is Growth Hacking?

Growth Hacking is the new animal in the business marketing ecosystem A growth hacker is simply an advanced marketer. We would not say, a growth hacker is better than a marketer. It is simply a different way of marketing. A growth hacker is a person which is always...

About US

About the Agency

Growthzone is Switzerland’s first marketing agency founded by Growth Hackers.
We are internationally active and are particularly characterized by technologically advanced marketing solutions.

Our Approach to Digital Marketing is Centered Around Learning & Growing With Your Business

Growthzone offers a compelling offering to develop highly effective marketing solutions & optimizations. Our job is to analyze your business and optimize your product & marketing to get the best return on investment (ROI).

Growth Marketing is data-driven marketing. Like scientists, we test assumptions and prove guesses.

Thus, we can save unnecessary costs and implement only the most effective strategies! Intelligent tools, highly effective marketing techniques and analytics are our secret superpower.

Our customers can either leave the full planning & execution to us or use us as a coach/planner.

We integrate tools that make everyday work more manageable and increase productivity massively. We create unique marketing campaigns and work together to develop the most relevant strategies for your business. Besides, we teach our customers everything worth knowing.

We help our customers in the digital world to gain a foothold and profitably exploit the new opportunities. Together, our team has over 15+ years of analytics, development, marketing, SEM, social media, digital sales and design experience.

Think Big, Think Different!

The Founders

Rafael Burlet

Rafael Burlet

Founder & Growth Marketer

He is our Technical & Project Management Lead due to his deep digital experience gathered during all those years working with enterprises like ‘Kuehne + Nagel’, big e-commerce companies like ‘’ and, agency partners from small to big.
Alessia Murphy

Alessia Murphy

Founder & Growth Marketer

She is our Sales & Marketing Lead as she has built up sales and marketing teams in her professional career.

She gathered deep Marketing Management skills while working as a Marketing consultant with several companies, startups and agencies.

Our Awesome Team

Hussain Mehmood

Hussain Mehmood

Analytics Teamlead

He worked with google analytics for 7+ years and saw it evolve into a fully featured business analytics tool perfectly shaped for the needs of the modern marketer.

He has a mix of marketing and development background making him the ideal partner to understand the abilities and needs of both sides.

Yves Malec

Yves Malec

Customer Happiness Specialist

He worked for several years in sales & business development positions of some swiss startups.

He has a mix of sales, support and business development background. This makes him perfect to be our customer happiness specialist.

Partner Network

Partner Network

Startups, Tools & Influencer

We partner with other Founders, Influencers, Freelancers, Consultants, Saas Companies & Entrepreneurs.

If we cannot help you for some reason, we will let you know honestly and search our partner network for a great solution.

Let’s Get Started

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