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Today, we released a big update to our website. What have we changed? In short: The homepage got redesigned New services are available on our homepage The Agency/Team page got redesigned The Contact Page got an overhaul

What Is Growth Hacking?

Growth Hacking is the new animal in the business marketing ecosystem A growth hacker is simply an advanced marketer. We would not say, a growth hacker is better than a marketer. It is simply a different way of marketing. A growth hacker is a person which is always...

Managed SEO

All-In-One SEO Service

Managed SEO

The Managed SEO Service is designed for Small- & Medium sized Businesses, especially Startups and Online Stores. 

The service consists of the best from Onpage- and Offpage optimizations to achieve optimal results.

Proven Experts

Our experts have experience from working with over 2,000 clients across many industries and countries.

We are proud of the excellent results, and the transparency with which we deliver them.

All-In-One Strategy

We analyze your SEO and use this analysis to create the next steps in optimizing your ranking. 

Then we uncover the right keywords and keyword combinations to create qualitative  On- and Offsite content.

At last we research relevant target sites, contact these sites and get the created content placed on the website.


Expert Analysis


Onpage SEO

Offpage SEO


Expert Review

Before we start, our experienced SEO experts review your site with a thorough SEO analysis.

  • Keyword Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Website Review
  • Link-Profile Review

Monthly Reporting

Every Month we deliver you a detailed Report, which shows your Ranking, Progress and our work done.

  • Ranking Report
  • Live-link Report
  • Metrics Report

On-Page SEO

We have a team of editors who write your blog posts to the highest SEO standards. The blog post contains researched and useful information. 

  • Onpage Blog Content Creation
  • Onpage SEO Recommendations
  • Optional Implementation

Off-Page SEO

To build up a tremendous and unique link structure, we contact site owners to get an article featured on their website which links back to you, completely optimized.

  • Offpage Content Creation
  • High Quality Link-Placements
  • Tier-2 Linking
  • Social Signals

What Clients Say

“We look forward to working with you. After only three months our ranking improved by 75%. That is really very impressive! Finally, we have found a transparent and reliable SEO partner.”

Lionsoul, Zürich, Switzerland

“We are very happy that your experts found and fixed our SEO problems so quickly. The rankings are now on an upward trend! Thank you very much for your professional support”.

Organic Supplement Online Shop, Switzerland

“We were amazed how easily our rankings rose again! Within 3 months we could not only observe an upward trend with the keywords but also our traffic rose again! We will definitely recommend this service to others. Many thanks to the Growthzone – Team!”

Hotel Group Davos, Switzerland

What you can expect?

Even in highly competitive niches, we were able to assert ourselves against our competitors, so we are sure that we can also help you!

We developed this all-in-one SEO service to get you the best from the Onsite- and Offsite world. This combination makes it extremely powerful. The service is tested and optimized for highly competitive markets.

Usually, our clients see positive results after 3-6 months.

Our consultants will be happy to advise you, patiently explain the reports and answer all open questions.

Packages & Pricing

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SEO? How do these packages work?

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the activity of optimizing a website to appear higher in Google and search engine results. Our pre-built packages contain everything you need to improve your Google rankings and gain more organic traffic. Each package includes:

  1. On-Page – optimization of Page titles, Meta tags, Content etc.
  2. Off-Page – quality links and mentions from relevant websites.
How do I get started?

If you want to start right away, you can pay by credit card or you can always contact us to get an invoice or pay by bank transfer. After receiving your payment one of our consultants will contact you to set everything up. There is nearly no effort needed from your side as we will take care of everything time-consuming for you.

How long does it take until I see results?

SEO is a bit like planting seeds. It’s a gradual process that must look natural to avoid Google penalties etc. After only 2-3 Months you will see an upward trend in traffic and performance, the best results will you see after 6 months

What reports do I get in the first month? And ongoing?

Month 1:

  • Initial Ranking Report shows you the actual ranking positions for your selected keywords
  • On-Page Health Check Report – Lists 15+ On-Page checks and their results
  • The On-Page Review we give you the Report of things you should optimize on your page. We deliver you a step by step guide which contains optimization recommendations for your website. 
  • Our Team of writers will create new content (z.b Blog post) for you


  • You receive every end of month a Report from us – including all live links and tracking ranking changes
    Organic Traffic Report – plugged into Google Analytics, showing you traffic trends.

Every Month:

  • You get from us On-Page Review including optimization recommendations for your website, if needed. 
  • Our Team of writers will create new content for you
  • You receive every end of month a Report from us – including all live links and tracking ranking changes
    Organic Traffic Report – plugged into Google Analytics, showing you traffic trends.
What type of companies use this service?

We serve a wide range of industries, including technology, gaming, E-commerce, professional services and more.

We work primarily with businesses around the globe.

What is your turnaround time?

We deliver every Month. Our smart, cloud-based project management systems assist a timely delivery.

Do you buy links? I heard buying links is bad.

We are neither buying nor selling links. We are managing the content creation and outreach process from A to Z. This is what you pay for. Our placement process involves:

  1. Researching relevant target sites
  2. Contacting the site owners
  3. Crafting a useful and interesting content piece
  4. Getting that content piece placed on the website

Buying links usually refer to websites which are who advertise to sell links or ad spaces on their site. But Google crawler is able to find these boughten links and they can potentially damaging for you.

How do you determine what a "good quality” site is?

We are usually looking for sites with a high Domain Authority and/or a high Trust Flow.

Do you own these sites? Is this just a big PBN (Private blog network)?

Absolutely not. We only use real sites which are owned by real webmasters, with genuine audiences. We do not recommend and never work with private blog networks. PBNs are the type of activity that can flag your site with Google and cause problems.

Are you Affiliated with Google?

No, We are not affiliated with Google in any way.

Why choose Growthzone instead of the other SEO companies?

Honesty. Our culture is honesty and simplicity, and we aim to help you navigate the SEO landscape safely.

Value. We strive to offer better quality outreach, more content, more technical SEO activities.

Here-to-help. Free ongoing advice and account management (via phone, email, Skype etc)

No fluff policy. We take your spend and turn it directly into activities that generate results.

What is my likely ROI?

When setting up correctly, SEO can deliver a very strong long term ROI. Of course, this will vary based on profit levels and ticket price. We can help you set and track your goals using Google Analytics.

What is better for me, SEO or PPC?

Often there is an argument to do both, especially as the landscape is more integrated. PPC can help you get more immediate sales/leads but can be expensive and hyper-competitive. SEO is a smart, long-term game that builds up organic traffic and trust like an asset for your company. Ideally, both can run together and service different areas of the marketing funnel.

How do I choose Keywords?

Google has a free ‘Keyword Planner’ tool, or you can use a more comprehensive paid tool like However, keyword research is an art that requires looking at competitors and running multiple ideas through these tools.Of course, we can research for you to find the best keywords for your business. We then, build a master list to refine your “primary keywords” which we can target. These would then form the basis for your SEO strategy.

How much involvement (or work) is needed from my side?

That’s up to you. Many of our customers are very busy and want us to take care of everything. Our monthly reports are so comprehensive that you are always in the picture. In general, it is important to us that our clients especially check/approve the reports in the first 1-2 months and give us feedback if necessary so that we can better respond to your needs in the future.

What are PR links?

PR (Press Release) links are links contained within Press Releases. We can write these and distribute them to high-grade news publications. Keep in mind that they are written in English as there aren’t any PR-Platforms in the German-speaking market. Regardless of the language, this type of coverage helps boost your web-footprint and build Google rankings

How much content do I need?

Generally speaking, the more high-quality original content, the better. The SEO battle can sometimes be won by merely having solid content on your site – divided across relevant topics and containing genuinely useful information to the reader.We can create this content for you, or advise on how best to structure it.

What's the difference between Internal and External links?

Internal links are links between pages within your own site. External links are those from other sites that point to yours. Both are useful for SEO, but external links have by far the greater impact, and that’s where a lot of our focus would be during a typical campaign.

Can you help me write content? Who writes the content and what is it about?

Yes, we do have Freelance relationships and many great writers, that`s why we`re able to scale up as much as needed. We are very anxious to write useful articles exclusively for your industry. We attach great importance to the content, therefore we work together with a team of editors. All images used have the necessary licenses.

Are there any contracts?

We don’t lock you into long-term contracts. We found out, that the minimum time for this service is 3 Months. This way we can ensure great resolutions.

Before we start, we will send you a contract. The contract is valid for 3 months and can be canceled (until the 20th) at the end of the 3 months by phone or e-mail.